May 23, 2002

Doom III - I can't wait

And now, something I simply love talking about. Games :-) Id previewed Doom III at E3 expo in LA this week. You can check out a whole page dedicated to it at GameSpy. And then an interview with the god, here.

Take a look at the screenshots - breathtaking. Bump mapped textures and insanely high-res and detailed baddies. I CANNOT wait!!

Id has for long been my favorite company on this side of Mars. They never cease to amaze. I still remember the days I used to spend playing Wolf3D and Doom... Sigh.

As a testimony to how much computers have become powerful and pervasive today, Doom now runs on the Gameboy!

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POSE on the Zaurus

Here's another cool answer to "Ok, now what?". Talk about embrace and extend: the Palm OS Emulator (POSE) actually runs on the Sharp Zaurus Linux PDA (apparently without even requiring the Palm OS ROM). Is that cool or what?

Just imagine if you can buy a Zaurus, and actually run your Palm OS apps on it alongside the other Linux apps. And the emulation will probably not slow down things: the Zaurus runs a 206 MHz StrongARM processor. I have stuck to Palm for now because of the nice sync tools available from third parties (I use TrueSync). Now maybe I can move to something else...

Stuff never ceases to amaze me.

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