Book list

Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson
Camille Paglia
A book by the feminist author on the interaction of art and sexual personae

Existentialism and Human Emotions
Jean-Paul Sartre
An introductory book on existentialism by the famous French Existentialist

Zen Buddhism: Selected writings of D.T. Suzuki
D.T.Suzuki, William Barrett
Collection of essays on buddhism by D.T. Suzuki

Manual of Zen Buddhism
Translations of famous sutras by D.T.Suzuki

Maestro - Alan Greenspan
Bob Woodward
A biography of Alan Greenspan

Into Thin Air
Jon Kraeker
An account of the doomed expedition to Mt. Everest

Hai Jin
A work of fiction set in China

Heroes, Rogues and Lovers
Story of testosterone and its effect on humans

The Monk and the Ridddle
Story of a venture capitalist and his belief on business

First in his class: The story of Bill Clinton
The biography of William Jefferson Clinton

From Third World to First: The Singapore Story
Lee Kuan Yew
Lee Kuan Yew's story of how Singapore went from the third world to the first world.

When Genius Fails
Roger Lowenstein
The rise and fall of an arbitrage firm

Database Nation
Story of privacy and the future

From Beirut to Jerusalem
Tom Friedman
Tom Friedman's story of his life in the middle east and his analysis of the problem and his solutions.

Henry Kissinger
History of diplomacy in the western world

Straight from the Gut
Jack Welch
Autobiography of Jack Welch

Shipping News
Annie Proulx
Fictional story set in New Found land

Zen mind, beginner mind
Shunruyu Suzuki
Introduction to Zen Buddhism by the founder of the San Francisco Zen Center

Ten Commandments of Hinduism
V. Krishnamurthy
Explanation of the basic tenets of hinduism

Penguin Classics - translation
The Hindu religious text

Ma What is a Hindu?
An overview of Hinduism

Clash of Fundamentalism
Tariq Ali
History of Islamic fundamentalism

Islam in the World
Malise Ruthven
History of the development of Islam

Islamic Law in the contemporary world
Sayed Hassan Amin
Explanation of Shariah - Islamic Law

Introducing Descartes
Dave Robinson and Chris Garett
Introduction to Descartes the french philosopher

God and the New Physics
Paul Davies
Explanation of Physics and its relationship to a God

The Mind of God
Paul Davies
Explanation of our current theories for the existence of the Univers

The Interpreter of Maladies
Jhumpa Lahiria
Collection of short stories

Orson Scott Card
Fictional novel about Sarah the wife of Abraham

Its not about the Bike
Lance Armstrong
Armstrong's fight against Cancer

Absolute Time
Paul Davies
Explanation of Time within the framework of Einstein's physics

Atlas Shrugged
Ayn Rand

Fountain Head
Ayn Rand

Clash of Fundamentalism
Tariq Ali
History of fundamentalism in Islam centered around South Asia and Middle East

Generation X
Douglas Coupland
Hilarious book about a bunch of Gen-Xers lounging around in Souther California

Douglas Coupland
Story of Microsofters who quit and start their own company

Catcher in the Rye
enuff said

Nine Stories
Short Stories by Salinger

The Art of War
Sun Tzu
Chinese work on War

Direct from Dell
Michael Dell
Story of Dells growth

Brave New World
Aldous Huxley

Flowers for Algernon
Story of intelligence and lack thereof?

Confederacy of Dunces
comedy in New Orleans

The Trial
Franz Kafka

Clash of Fundamentalisms
Tariq Ali
Story of Islamic and western fundamentalism